Services We Provide


Landscaping of
Gardens & Parks

A lot of work goes into understanding the nature of the land that needs landscaping and the resources that could be used, implementing the same to beautify the structure of the place.

Planting and mowing

Seeding and turf repair

Mulchingand pruning


Maintenance of Parks & Gardens

We have devised new and advanced methods for maintaining green spaces with the help of available technology, thus trying to increase the greenery in and around the city.

Edging and mulching

Replanting and relocation

Reticulation and fertilising


Designing of Themed Parks

We take into consideration the aspect of practicality and prepare an approach methodology while designing, all the while focussing on the most major facet of them all – the plants.

Assessing and designing park spaces

Out of the box idea implementation

Aesthetic transformation of spaces


Gardening Consultation
& Solution

Gardening is an art and can be efficiently executed only by expert gardeners. GSS Plantations promises to deliver all-encompassing gardening consultation &solution.

Simple gardening techniques

Crafty tools and equipment

Scientific methods that work

Other Environmental Solutions

Apart from preserving and cultivating plant diversity at GSS Plantations, we also take responsibility to provide other services that bestow environmental solutions to our society. We take long strides to ensure that we also grow to be the best environmental conservator and promoter in the city.

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