About GSS Plantations

The Troubled Beginnings of Our Journey

The ideation began in late 2016 but the actual work towards it began in January 2019, most of our work was damaged and destroyed during the monsoon of 2019. A few months later, the COVID-19 global pandemic hindered the development.

Regardless, we pursued towards the idea and it manifested into reality during March 2021 and now here we are.

Why and How We Got Here

To keep it very short, the growing rate of deforestation was alarming and was posing a threat to all the lifeforms. Immediate and strong reforms were the need of the hour. We started with afforestation programs and environmental awareness programs around the city.

With the inception of GSS Nursery and Plantation, our journey towards creating a cleaner and greener Mysore had officially begun. We enhanced our scheme with the introduction of construction and maintenance of parks and gardens, along with newly designed themes for the same.

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